Code Ranges General Description Documentation Needed
99281-99288 ER services ER notes
99291-99333 IP, SNF, Rest Home Facility notes
99100-99140 Qualifying circumstances Anesthesia Anesthesia notes
00100-01999 Anesthesia services Anesthesia notes/time
10040-69990; 91000-91299; 92002-92499; 92502-92700; 92950-93662; 93668-93990; Surgery; Gastroenterology Services; Ophthalmological Services; Otorhinolaryngological Services; Cardiovascular Services; Peripheral/Other Vascular Facility/MD notes/op notes
70010-79999 Radiology Radiology interpretation & report
80048-89399 Laboratory services Lab report results
90281-90749; 90901-90911; 90780-90799; 90801-90899; 97802-97804; 98925-98943; 99201-99215; 99241-99275; 99341-99357; Medicine, immunizations, vaccines; Injections, Infusions; Psychiatric Services; Biofeedback; Medical Nutrition Therapy; Evaluation & Management codes (office visits); OMT/CMT Services; Consultations-IP/OP; Home medical services; Preventive care and NB care MD office or facility notes
90918-90999 Dialysis Services Facility/MD notes
94010-94799; 95005-95199; 95805-95904; 95920-95967 Pulmonary Services; Allergy/Immunology; Neuro/Neuromuscular; Neurophysiology /Function Tests Facility/MD notes/test results
95970-96004; 96400-96549; 96567-96571; 96900-96999; 97001-97799; 99000-99091; 99141-99142; 99170-99199; Stims/Other/Motion Analysis; Chemotherapy; Photodynamic Therapy; Dermatological Services; Physical/Rehab Services; Special Services,Procedures and Reports; Conscious Sedation; Other Services/Procedures MD notes/procedure report
96100-96117 Neuro-cognitive/Mental Status/Speech Testing MD notes/test results & interpretation
96150-96155 Health/Behavior Assessment MD notes/assessment results
99500-99600 Home Health Services and Infusion Services MD notes & orders/visit notes/infusion drug report
HPCPS/J Codes DME/Orthotics/Injectables MD notes
0001T-0044T Category III Codes MD notes/facility notes/procedure report
Inpatient Hospitalizations Usually submitted with Revenue codes (CPT codes also appear near the bottom of the UB92) Admission notes, orders, progress notes, lab and test results, operative reports, discharge notes

*MD notes include the history and physical.