Each Class Member who requests compensation from the Category A Settlement Fund may elect to receive the payment or to direct contribution of the payment to a not-for-profit Foundation established under the terms of the Settlement (described below) or to a foundation established by any medical society that signed or joined the Settlement. Those Signatory Medical Society foundations are listed here.

The Foundation:

CIGNA HealthCare has provided Fifteen Million Dollars ($15,000,000.00) in funding to the Physicians' Foundation for Health Systems Innovations, Inc., a not-for-profit medical foundation governed by representatives of medical societies that joined the Settlement (the "Foundation"). The Foundation will consider funding for a range of health care initiatives such as expansion of the database of health care information available to patients and providers, broadening consumer access to cost-effective health insurance benefits, and enhancing quality patient care.

Primary Signatory Medical Society Foundations:

Arlington County Medical Society Foundation
John P. Bowler, MD, Memorial Library (New Hampshire Medical Society)
California Medical Association Foundation
CSMS Physicians' Health and Education Fund (Connecticut State Medical Society)
El Paso County Medical Society Foundation
Florida Medical Foundation (Florida Medical Association)
The Institute of Medicine and Public Health of New Jersey, Inc. (Medical Society of New Jersey)
Louisiana State Medical Society Educational and Research Foundation
Medical Association of Georgia Institute for Excellence in Medicine, Inc.
Medical, Educational and Scientific Foundation of New York, Inc. (Medical Society of the State of New York)
Medical Society of Northern Virginia Foundation
Nebraska Medical Foundation (Nebraska Medical Association)
North Carolina Medical Society Foundation, Inc.
South Carolina Medical Association Foundation
Tennessee Medical Foundation (Tennessee Medical Association)
Texas Medical Association Special Funds Foundation
Vermont Medical Society Education and Research Foundation, Inc.
Washington State Medical Education and Research Foundation (Washington State Medical Society)

Additional Signatory Medical Foundations:

American Association of Practicing Psychiatrists
American Psychoanalytic Association
Clear Creek Valley Medical Society Scholarship Fund
Colorado Medical Society Education Foundation
Delaware Foundation for Medical Services, Ltd. (Medical Society of Delaware)
Emergency Medicine Foundation (American College of Emergency Physicians)
The Foundation of the Pennsylvania Medical Society
Houston Academy of Medicine (Harris County Medical Society)
Massachusetts Medical Society and Alliance Charitable Foundation
Massachusetts Psychiatric Society, Inc.
Medical Education Foundation for Arkansas (Arkansas Medical Society)
The Medical Foundation of Alabama (Medical Association of the State of Alabama)
Medical Society and Alliance Foundation, Inc. (Medical Society of the District of Columbia)
Medical Society of Virginia Foundation
Mississippi State Medical Association Foundation, Inc.
Ohio Medical Education Foundation (Ohio State Medical Association)
Rhode Island Medical Society Foundation